Blend of Coffee and Chaos - Blending 2 families with 5 teens, navigating chaos with a coffee in hand

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My search among the chaos…


I've learned to embrace the ride of endless chaos with a whole lotta coffee and a sense of humor (and a few drops of hippie oils too!)

As a mom of 3 teens, a step-mom to two more, and wife to a TSN travelling sports reporter husband, I have heard countless times "how on earth do you do it all?"  I appeared so capable, so unbothered by the busyness of life, often called "super mom".  

The reality is I was exhausted,  sometimes hanging on by a thread. Lonely, undriven and struggling to find a me I was proud of.  Anxiety became a daily part of my life.  And I was tired.  Boy was I tired.
I was desperate for answers.

Answers for my lack of motivation.
Answers for better sleep I so desperately needed.
Answers to handle the stress and anxiety.
Answers to find myself again.

Then one day I was introduced to a product that has become "all the rage". I had heard about similar products before, but this time I trusted the source and the company, so I decided to give it a try.  I haven't looked back since.  My life has changed in so many ways.  The secret sauce that has been my lifeline is now something I want to shout from the rooftops to help other moms who need answers too.

Life is a journey and a process, and I am still on it, but now I have the tools to do better, feel better, and live better for me and my family.  If you are tired of feeling tired and have been looking for answers to similar issues, contact me. I’d love to help.  

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