Secret sauce for keeping your sanity

Secret sauce for keeping your sanity

Coffee. Its my crutch. Without it, there is no mama. Not a functional one anyways. I figure, if that's what I need to get me through the day, I'm doing pretty good. I mean, it could be a whole lot worse, right? 

Some days I feel like I've been reincarnated. I have had so many stages in my life they each feel not like a chapter but a completely different book altogether. In this current life, my main titles are: mom, step-mom, second wife and entrepreneur. Yep, pretty cookie-cutter in this day and age. 

Don't feel guilty or ashamed if you need a crutch to get through your day. No apologizing allowed here. Find your "security blanket", hold on to that sucker tight because if your days are anything like mine, the chaos is real! 

I know I'm not alone here. So fill that cup with whatever your "coffee" is and laugh with me through the mom fails, the mom guilt, the long days and all the in betweens. I have five, count 'em FIVE, teenagers who are reminding me every single moment that I am not as in control as I thought I was, that I will be doubting myself like never before, and that just when I thought this was the time in my life where I had more me-time, I find myself hiding in my bathroom more than I did when they were toddlers. 

These two ladies will keep you in stitches all the while relating to all their motherhood fails! Check them out!

Check out how I'm navigating through all the stages of motherhood! 

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