The "must toss list" to keep your family safe and healthy

It is overwhelming when you first start to learn about harmful ingredients. After all, the web is FULL of conflicting information. First an ingredient is listed as safe, so we buy, we use, we don't fear. Then we hear scary statistics, see disease on the rise, start to read the opposite of what we felt was true. What should we believe? Does the government have our backs and is our health their best interest? Unfortunately no.

It is up to US now, to research, to learn, to do BETTER. Because our children don't have much of a hope anymore living in this world we do. Where buying cheaper, trusting wording, making convenient choices has become more important to us. We need to go back to the way we were raised. Taking TIME to make meals from scratch, going back to whole foods, avoiding processed. But its not just what we eat that we need to take the time for anymore. Toxic chemicals are not just sprayed on our foods and added to them. They are now in our daily routines from showering, to laundering and beyond.

But where should you start? Well, every step counts. Every single item you swap out is one less that you are putting into you and your family. I recommend to everyone that their cleaning supplies should be the first to take a good look at - particularly laundry detergent and dryer sheets. Why? Because the skin is the body's largest organ and ingredients in most laundry detergents are known carcinogens which means all day long those chemicals are being absorbed into your body and causing chaos among your organs and endocrine system.

So what ingredients should you most definitely avoid? There is a very long list, and when only 42% of products carry a full ingredient list, it makes it pretty tough to know what is even sloughing off on your skin. Most liquid laundry soaps contain a chemical called sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), which contain traces of a known carcinogen, 1,4-dioxin.  And more than likely any "fresh" smelling soap contains a synthetic fragrance, which typically contain pthalates. 

And don't even get me started on dryer sheets. Trust me, it feels next to impossible to be willing to do laundry without them. I mean, fresh smelling clothing straight from the dryer screams "clean" right? I was a 2 dryer-sheet girl, the smellier the better for me. And now? I can't walk down the isle in the grocery store without getting an instant headache. How did I go cold-turkey and fall in love with the sweet smell of my clothes WITHOUT dryer sheets? Well, wool balls and my favorite smelling oil ever - Lemongrass. Now you could't PAY ME to use a dryer sheet. My clothes are softer, smell better, and now with using the Thieves line of laundry soap (and all other cleaning supplies now!), I have the peace of mind that there are no longer those toxins seeping into my family's skin all day long.

So there you have it. My advice on what first step to take - laundry detergent and dryer sheets. TOSS THEM. Replace with Young Living Thieves Laundry Detergent (which I will post a link to how to DOUBLE the bottle and save you money!), and wool dryer balls with a few drops of oils for the sweetest smelling, softest, cleanest clothing!

And YL has made it SUPER convenient to swap it all out at once and buy the Thieves Starter Kit. Everything for you to swap out your toxic stuff for a great price - oh, and it comes with a diffuser AND wholesale membership so when you need to replace your used items, you are saving even MORE money! Win win!

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