My search among the chaos… 

I've learned to embrace the ride of endless chaos with a whole lotta coffee and a sense of humor (and a few drops of hippie oils too!)

As a mom of 3 teens, a step-mom to two more, and wife to a TSN travelling sports reporter husband, I have heard countless times "how on earth do you do it all?"  I appeared so capable, so unbothered by the busyness of life, often called "super mom".  What everyone didn't know was that inside, I was struggling to be all the things.  I felt like I wasn't DOING it, I was just looking like I was.  I didn't even know that I would ever have it all together. I quickly learned that what I was seeking was BALANCE.  

I wanted to not just wear all the hats, but do it in a way that when I lay my head down on my pillow at night, I really felt at peace with all the things I juggled day to day.  

Talking to other women, living a balanced life was the number one struggle. Most women either give their all to others and forget to care for themselves, or give so much to their career that they feel they're neglected their family.  

One thing I know, women are STRONG and really can have it all. 

We just need to learn how to balance all the things.  We are capable of multi tasking, capable of caring for everyone AND ourselves.  I am excited to share that while I haven't mastered this, I have learned so much and I want to share it with everyone.  A balanced life can mean better mental and physical health and an overall happier life.

Life is a journey and a process, and I am still on it, but now I have the tools to do better, feel better, and live better for me and my family.  I would love to share the keys to a balanced life that I have discovered!

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